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Read Aloud Chicago Book

Where Is the Sears Tower? is the perfect read aloud book for elementary school (K-6) children. It has thirteen, 5-7 minute chapters each with: a picture of Chicago, a Chicago Landmark, an animal, a moral lesson, a humorous story, and facts about Chicago. The Points to Ponder section provides questions to seed thoughtful discussions about moral lessons found in each chapter.

Chicago Author Visit/Illustrator Visit

Chicago author, Tad Mitchell, and Chicago illustrator, France Mitchell, do school author presentations. A week before the presentation, they setup the thirteen 20” X 20” illustrations for the book at the school. Students vote for their favorite illustration, which determines the chapter the author reads at the presentation. The presentation includes a video of how a book is printed and a video of how a book is bound. Loaner books are available to teachers who would like to read the book in class prior to the presentation.

Click here to download the Author/Illustrator Visit brochure.

Chicago Curriculum Teaching Resource

Where Is the Sears Tower? is a great classroom resource for teachers who are looking for teaching materials to support the Illinois third grade curriculum and the Chicago Public Schools’ third grade curriculum which includes units on Illinois and the City of Chicago. Where Is the Sears Tower? is a read aloud book that captivates students with its Chicago artwork and its clever, modern day fable of Peter Pigeon. As students voyage with Peter, they learn about Chicago and more importantly, they learn about themselves as Peter discovers how his inner compass can help him in life.

Click here to download the Points to Ponder teaching aid.

Reader’s Theater – Chicago Book

Where Is the Sears Tower? is a great book for reader’s theater. It has a lot of dialog, many emotions to act out, and is full of entertaining situations. Students also learn life lessons and facts about the City of Chicago as they act out the book.

Click here to download the reader's theater script.
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Chicago Field Trip Preparation Resource

Reading Where Is the Sears Tower? in class is a great way to prepare for a field trip to Chicago. Peter Pigeon visits all the sites of Chicago as he travels to see his grandfather who lives at the Sears Tower (Willis Tower). Readers enjoy pictures of Chicago and learn facts about Chicago. When students arrive at their Chicago field trip, they immediately recognize the landmarks with delight. A map in the appendix shows where all the landmarks are located.

One Book, One School - Chicago Book Idea

Where Is the Sears Tower?is a great book for "One Book, One School" programs because it appeals to all ages and has strong underlying moral lessons that foster discussion. Each of the thirteen chapters can be read in 5-7 minutes and followed up with 5-10 minutes of conversation, laying out an easy to follow lesson plan for classes and families. The City of Chicago serves as the backdrop for the story, so the City of Chicago can be optionally integrated into the "One Book, One School" program.

Authentic Chicago Literature

Where Is The Sears Tower? is authentic Chicago literature. It is written by Tad Mitchell who has been a Chicagoland resident for most of his life. Readers familiarize themselves with Chicago as they voyage with Peter Pigeon from Chicago landmark to Chicago landmark. The book gives readers a real feel for Chicago.