Blueberry Pie

When we first got married, my wife didn't like blueberry pie--with good reason, canned blueberry pie filling is gross. When you make a pie with fresh or frozen blueberries, it's a totally different experience. I put very little sugar, and we prefer picking our own blueberries in Michigan at the beginning of the season so they are a little tart. Mmm!

Cherry Pie

This is the recipe that we use for the Door County sour cherries that we pick each year. We tend to make this recipe more often as a topping for waffles or pancakes than as a pie filling.

Pie Crust

The key to making flakey pie crust is not overmixing the dough. The goal is to have pea-sized pieces of shortening in the dough. This way when the dough is rolled, the pieces of shortening become sheets of shortening that create the flakey crust. Another aid in not overmixing the dough is to keep the dough cool. This is why cold water is called for. The dough may also optionally be placed in the freezer prior to adding the water to keep it cool. Also, refrain from touching the dough as much as possible so as not to transfer unwanted heat to the dough.