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Tad's Baker's Calculator uses baker's percentage to store and calculate formulas in grams, pounds and/or volume (teaspoons and cups). The baker's percentage calculator also works for formulas that include a preferment. In seconds the percentage of the preferment and/or the hydration of the preferment can be recalculated. Tad's Baker's Calculator also stores the formula procedures in an easy-to-read format that calculates total production time.

Baker's Percent

Baker's percentage is a way to specify formulas so they are easily compared and easily scaled. The flour weight equals 100%. All the other ingredients are percentages based on the flour weight. For example, a typical French bread formula has 66% water, 2% yeast and 2% salt. If a formula has 1.5% salt, it is easy to tell that there is less salt than normal. It is also easy to scale. If you start with 100 pounds of flour, you will need 66 pounds of water, 2 pounds of yeast and 2 pounds of salt.


Download the program by clicking on the link below. Once downloaded, right click on the file and extract all the files into a directory. Double click on BakersCalculator.exe and you are off. Iíve included some sample formulas and an initial ingredient list. It is also a good idea to read the readme.txt file.
Click here to download Tad's Baker's Calculator Version 1.1 (3/19/08) (Check back for new versions!)


I welcome all feedback including defects and suggested new features. Email me at tadmitchell@yahoo.com. Check the site periodically for updated versions. Some features that I plan to add to the baker's percentage calculator are:

   - Ingredient conversion
   - Enter recipies in weight or volume instead of percents
   - Water temperature calculation
   - Three-stage dough build
   - French language support